m3 / Art in Space

About the Festival

m3 / Art in Space 

7. 6. 2017 – 1.10. 2017
Vernissage: June 6th, 2017 at 6PM
Location: Karlín, Praha
Topic: On the Edge
Host: Studio BUBEC 
Artists: Matěj Frank, Jakub Geltner, Kryštof Kaplan, Lenka Klodová, Pavel Korbička, Vojtěch Míča, Aleš Novák, Jan Paclt, Martin Skalický, Petr Stibral, Čestmír Suška, Samuel Šrom, Timo, Jan Zdvořák, ZEB ONE
Curators: Radek Wohlmuth, Daniela Kramerová
Artistic Director: Čestmír Suška 

m3 is an upcoming open-air art exhibition hosted by the Bubec art studio in cooperation with the Prague City Gallery, the Prague Institute of Planning & Development, and the Municipal District of Prague 8. Through the interventions of selected artists, this exhibition seeks to interact with a space within the city in an unusual manner, and to offer visitors and local residents contact with contemporary art, confronting them with it and creating new territorial contexts. Aside from the cultivation of public space, the exhibition also aims to diagnose and question stereotypes both societal and local, and thereby initiate public discussion of various topics associated with specific issues that we experience in everyday life. In the future, this regularly recurring exhibition will be prepared by a select group of curators who will carefully pick artists, locations, and topics to guarantee quality and diversity.

The exhibition is not generationally defined, and its intermedial conception allows works ranging from classic sculpture to graffiti. To maintain a clear and area-specific focus, each exhibition will target one district at a time. This year, the district of Karlin was chosen as a dynamic and rapidly-evolving area only a stone’s throw away from the city center, which effectively combines elements of a traditional industrial suburb with the architectural residue of the socialist era, including remains of original sculptural decorations and newly-erected office buildings. The heart of the quarter is largely dominated by the massive baroque building which formerly served as an „Invalidovna“ (dormitory of invalid war veterans), with a beautiful garden awaiting reconstruction and at least partial public access. Based on this meeting of different worlds, the exhibition for this year has been named On the Edge. Aside from the processual aspect of the exhibition, it will also explore the connection between opposites such as central and local, traditional and unconventional, official and spontaneous. These  will be effectively presented through the intentional inclusion of artists working outside the city, and/or by the interaction of academic and street art milieu.

The exhibition is free for all, and the accompanying program will include not only performances and art events, but also discussions and presentation panels focused on issues associated with public spaces, as well as on concrete issues arising from the situation of the given city district. The key objective, therefore, is not only to brighten up commonly-overlooked public spaces, but also to become a part of everyday residential life, serving as a visual directive on how to transform one‘s environment and (above all) perceive one‘s surroundings differently.

For better orientation, use the audio guide mobile app by Pocket Fennec. For download, go HERE.  

BUBEC, o.p.s. was founded in 2000 by sculptor Čestmír Suška, director Jan Hřebejk, musician Karel Holas, dramaturge Martin Velíšek, and architect Ivo Bílý with an objective to improve cultural and communal activity within the municipal district of Prague-Řeporyje and to impact the appearance of this district and its public spaces. Its primary function is the operation of Studio Bubec, an art studio located in a former warehouse in Prague-Řeporyje. A creative center for children called Baby Bubec and a communal garden Bubec Garden have also emerged alongside the Studio and its activity.



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The festival takes place under the patronage of city mayor Adriana Krnáčová, minister of culture of the Czech Republic Daniel Herman and the Prague 8 district.